About Swan IP-PBX

Swan IP-PBX is one of the best IPPBX solution provider in Asia. The company develops and distributes IPPBX products for SME companies and enterprises, including IP Phone, IPPBX and IP-NETWORK implemtation. VS offers the best quality products and services which are highly acclaimed in the market. It's customer cover a wide spectrum which include regional listed companies, a vast number of successful SMEs, and consumers in various China cities.

Hong Kong Office:
13/F., Punfet Building, 701 Nathan Road, MongKok, Kowloon, HKSAR.
Whatsapp/Mobile/SMS: 852-97022008
Tel: 852-26151252

China Office:
Room D, 11/F., Tower B, Silver Tower, Qi Feng Lu 162, East District, Dongguan City, China.
Tel: +86-4006896830

Service Center:

  • Macau - 澳門
  • Zhuhai - 珠海
  • Shenzhen - 深圳
  • Dongguan - 東莞
  • Zhongshan - 中山
  • Foshan - 佛山
  • Guangzhou - 廣州
  • Shantou - 汕頭
  • Shanghai - 上海