GE Interlogix / Honeywell / Mitec Burglar Alarm system

Secure your home or business with a range of sensors, intruder alerts and surveillance equipment from top brands

  • Support upto 256 zones and motion sensors
  • Wired or wireless models are available
  • Can be controlled by Control panel, phone or App
  • Can be connected to security control center in case of emergency
  • UPS battery for system backup
  • High power Siren

Alarm System with setup and install, price start from HK$4599...

SWAN HD (960H / 1080P / 720P) CCTV System Package

SWAN FHD/SHD CCTV System is your affordable and high-end HD CCTV solution. It offers full HD (1920 x 1080) or Standard HD (1280 x 720) during on recording and monitoring, all-in-a-box security features and supports remote monitoring using IOS and Android devices.

Package content:

  • 4ch/8ch/16ch/32ch Standalone DVR x1set
  • CCD HD Dome/Bullet Cameras (White/Black color) x4/x8pcs
  • 20M DC+BNC Cable x4/x8pcs
  • USB Mouse x1
  • IR Controller (optional) x1
  • 12V 4A Power Supply x1
  • 4ch/8ch Power Splitter cable x1
  • 2TB / 3TB / 4TB Harddisk x1
  • First-year 1-by-1 replacement warranty

SWAN Standard 960H CCTV Package
4 channels system w/2TB Harddisk
8 channels system w/3TB Harddisk
16 channels system w/2x3TB Harddisk
32 channels system w/4x3TB Harddisk

SWAN Standard HD 720P CCTV Package
4 channels system w/2TB Harddisk
8 channels system w/3TB Harddisk
16 channels system w/2x4TB Harddisk
32 channels system w/2x4TB Harddisk

SWAN Full HD 1080P CCTV Package
4 channels system w/3TB Harddisk
8 channels system w/4TB Harddisk

CCTV System package, price start from HK$1599...

Why Use Swan CCTV System

Swan CCTV is a Linux based Network Digital Video Recording system. More safer than Windows-based DVR system and it's virus free.

  • Support for analog camera and digital IP camera
  • Remote playback the records directly from Internet Explorer. No need FTP site to download and playback.
  • Remote monitoring with user-selected cameras.
  • Remote configuration with web administrative site.
  • Replicate DVR data to Network Attached Storage(NAS).
  • Easy upgrade DVR ports by insert additional DVR card. Support from 4 to 8,12 and 16 ports.
  • Built-in hardware watchdog.
  • Reliable than any Microsoft Windows based DVR systems.
  • Support upto 1920X1080 local display.

Wfilter - Filter and Block Internet Access

Monitor, filter and block Internet activities of your network.

WFilter is an Internet filter software that can help organizations to monitor and manage employees Internet behaviors in their networks. You only need to install WFilter in one computer to monitor the whole network.

DVR Monitoring using iphone / ipad and Android device

iphone App Store

An application to view CCTV cameras over iphone and ipad is named iGuardU. It's support for all H.264 DVR system and available at free of charge. Check out our demo. Click here.

H.264 DVR System

new product

The first 16-CH Linux-based DVR kit with high performance PCI Express interface and superior MPEG-4 H.264 H/W codec, can build up the 16-CH video, 16-CH video digital video recorder with maximum 480FPS real-time monitoring and up to 480FPS recording speed.

Still using tape for CCTV recording?

Try our Mpeg4/H.264 Digital Video Recorder, No need to rotate the video tape anymore....